The Fine, Performing and Physical Arts

Art, Drama, Physical Education and Music

The visual and performing arts are an integral part of student life at ICA.

The student has the option of:

Learning about the history of art, art theory and aesthetics !

Learning to express his/her creativity in art, music and drama.

Trying painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, music, drama, etc.

Learning to appreciate the arts in other academic areas.

Having individual music lessons in piano, flute, violin and guitar.

Learning a life-time sport skill such as tennis, golf, badminton, ping pong, aerobics, jogging and horseback riding.

In grades 7-9, students will take a survey course in art, music and drama.

In grades 10-12, students may choose classes in a variety of visual arts and music courses.

All students must participate in physical education classes, twice per week, where a variety of team and individual life time skills activities are featured.