Everyone at ICA welcomes you to another year at Ivy Collegiate Academy

ICA opened on September 1 with 216 students and 41 faculty members. Prior to opening the faculty came back a week early for orientation. They attended sessions on teaching the non-English speaker, different in the classroom, the use of multiple assessments and intervention strategies.

Teachers were also very busy preparing lessons and class rooms. Academic Departments met to refine course standards, teaching strategies, and assessment tools. Also, a report was given on the April WASC visit and WASC Committees for the year were formed.

Prefects, also, returned early to attend Leadership workshops and also help set up rooms and assist students on move-in day. ICA is a very unique school. It is a community with the shared values of hard work, responsibility and respect.

Our faculty care about each students’ progress and our students care about one another. ICA provides students the opportunity to not only develop their own potential but to also contribute to the community.

ICA is a student centered school, and we look forward to working with our parents. ICA also thanks you for your continued support.