Library Information

The library plays an instrumental role in the academic life of Ivy Collegiate Academy.

The library serves as a resource for both students and faculty.

It may be utilized for research as well as a source for reading i.e. novels, poetry, short stories and current events i.e. newspapers, magazines.

The reference materials may be both paper and electronic.

Today, the library complements the class room teaching with teaching material and DVD’s.

The modern library also reaches out offering a variety of programs i.e. guest speakers, video programs.


1. The library will be open during class time to support teachers i.e. classroom visits.

2. The library will also be open at lunch, after school and from 7-9 pm Sunday through Friday evenings.

3. During free time students many visit the library by signing the form in at the librarian’s desk.

4. During evening study hall a student may choose to study in the library or the computer room.
The student must plan to spend the entire time in the library.
Student once they check in to the library stay in the library.

5. To check out a book, please being the book to the librarian who will have you sign-out.
The bookcmay be signed-out for two weeks and may be returned.
Reference works, newspapers and magazines may not be signed-out in the library.

6. No eating and drinking in to library.

7. No talking in the library.

8. Please replace your chair before leaving. Check around your table any loose papers etc.

9. See the librarian if you need assistance!