House System

The house system is a traditional feature of British, Australian, Canadian and now American boarding schools, similar to the collegiate system of a university. Students are usually divided into three or four houses largely for the purpose of competition. Merit points may be awarded for sports competitions, activities, academic performance, attendance and behavior. Traditionally, students are assigned to a house randomly with the aim of balancing the houses in order to increase competition.

Campbell House

“Ne Obliviscaris”(Do Not Forget)
The Wild Boars
Led by Ms. Oefelein

Adams House

“Faith is a Continuation of Reason”
Led by Mr. Hendricks

Luo House

“Conjunctis Viribus”
(With Connected Strength)
The Panthers
Led by Mr. Thonesavanh

Bee House

“To Bee True In All Things”
Led by Mr. Chance

Sparrow House

“Dedication, Discipline, Desire”
The Pirates
Led by Ms. Marwood

Archimedes House

“With Wisdom and Courage”
Led by Ms. Swearingen

Knight House

“Life is a Game: Play to Win!”
The Knights
Led by Ms. Kamp

Lerna House

“Fortitudine Vincimus”
(By Endurance We Conquer)
The Hydras
Led by Mr. Hermanson