Signature Programs

Explore Marine Science

Our Marine Science offering profiles not only classroom studies but also real hands on experiences for research both in the laboratories and also field experience on campus and utilizing the streams, lakes and sea coast of Taiwan.

Students take care of ICA’s fish pond, coral tank, outdoor turtle and Koi pond as well as field trips in Taiwan

Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis requires all seniors to design, write and present a thesis during senior week on a subject of their choosing. Working with faculty advisor, seniors write a thesis of 20-25 pages and presenting it to a faculty panel and student audience during senior week.

Lives of Consequence – Ethical Leadership

Lives of Consequence is a required course which meets two days a week. Seniors study The Role of Leader in Society and Ethical leadership as well as the qualities that make a leaders

Capstone Program

Ivy Collegiate Academy has been authorized to offering the capstone program which is authorized by the College Board. ICA offers in grade 11 the Capstone Seminar and in grade 12 the Capstone Research Project along with 18 AP courses of study.

Engineering and Design Curriculum

Starting in the fall of 2020, ICA will offer an expanded Engineering and Design Curriculum. Starting in Grade 10 and Grade 11 students may choose an introductory course in Engineering and Design program. Following the introductory course students may choose to go to intermediate Engineering or Advanced Engineering.

To compliment the Engineering course, two new computer courses are being offered; Computer for Engineering and Computer Aided Design for Engineering.

The lead teacher will be Mr. Richard Wang, ICA class of 2012, who received his Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio State University and his Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University majoring in Civil Engineering. Mr. Zachary Daubert, Physics teacher and Mr. Jack Wang, Director of Technology will also be teaching in the department.

The program is designed to prepare ICA students to attend leading University Engineering programs in the United State, Canada and Germany.


The Writing Program at ICA

Writing is an important part of the ICA curriculum. ICA emphases writing Across the Curriculum. Every department requires writing. For example: The Science Department requires the writing of journals and scientific experiment reports. In English, freshmen learn the fundamentals of strong persuasive writing. The ICA writing program culminates with each senior writing a senior Thesis mentored by a Thesis Advisor, Seniors must also give an oral presentation during Thesis week.

While the preparation of persuasive and formal writing is fundamental to the program, students are also introduced to a variety of authors as well as opportunities in creative writing.

Outside the classroom

students have an opportunity to contribute to ICA’s literature and art publications. Also the English department publishes a collection of exemplary student work. Students with talent in writing may also produce independent projects in place of their co-curricular activity.