What Makes ICA Academy Special?

ICA offers its students a solid, rigorous curriculum modeled after American Boarding Schools, utilizing both in the classroom and out of classroom opportunities. The program of study is designed to meet individual student needs as well as providing a firm foundation for study at selective universities worldwide.

In order to be successful in an ever changing world, students need to develop critical thinking and analytical writing and speaking skills along with an ethical, moral base for decision making.


  • Provides Small Classes And Individual Attention, 5:5 To 1 Student-Faculty Ratio
  • Minimum Of Two Periods Of English A Day (Literature And Language Arts)
  • Hands On Laboratory Sciences Including Advanced (AP) Biology, Chemistry, Physics, And Environmental Science
  • Mathematic Up Through Calculus B/C
  • Chinese Everyday As Well As A Choice Of French, Japanese And Spanish
  • 13 Advanced Placement Courses
  • Field Trips and Activities That Utilize The Surrounding Community As Well As Attending Cultural Events in Taichung and Taipei
  • Clubs And Organizations That Allow Students To Either Broaden Their Experiences Or Investigate New Areas Of Interest. Examples Are Environmental Action, Forensics, Art Portfolio, Japanese Drama
  • Leadership And Community Service Opportunities. Examples Include The Senior Required Course Lives Of Consequence And Common Good Day

Discovering Your Potential

Ivy Collegiate Academy strives to provide outstanding academic opportunities in a caring, supportive learning environment.
ICA’s goal is to provide the knowledge and skills to enter and be successful at universities worldwide.

Academy students pursue a collage preparatory curriculum where students may develop their intellectual and creative talents, stimulated by supportive teaching. Students are urged to share an enthusiasm for learning and discovery and that there is no substitute for hard work. With small classes 10-12 is the average size – students are encouraged to take an active role in their education.

The courses of study are design to meet student’s interests and to prepare students for entry into selective universities and colleges worldwide. For students who wish to do advanced work, ICA offers 13 Advanced Placement Courses.

Students are actively engaged in their studies and participated in class and assembly presentations, exhibits, poetry readings, power point presentations, concerts, art shows and history exhibits.

Every senior must successful complete a senior thesis and present it orally to a faculty panel. Thereby Academy students are prepared to speak and write well.

The internationally accredited faculty are committed to helping each student reach his/her potential. They work with students in many ways: in the classroom, on the athletic fields, at meals, sponsoring activities, advising, mentoring or in informal conversation that is part of the school experience.

ICA believes that every student can be a citizen-leader. Students are presented with leadership opportunities and training with the goal that they will become contributing members of the school and society. Every senior is required to take Lives of Consequence, a course in Leadership and Ethics.

The hall work of the IA experience is that students will not only learn the knowledge and skills for the future but will also leave ICA with ethical values and the leadership skills to contribute to their community and the common good.